Dulwich Park Race 2013 Results

The fourth race of the London orienteering clubs’ 2013 Park Race series was held in Dulwich Park, south London on Tuesday 9 July.

There was some confusion around instructions for the race. Three legs on the long course were set very deliberately to avoid crossing fences, and accordingly instructions were given at registration and the start that all fences were uncrossable. Unfortunately these instructions were not communicated consistently and a number of people crossed the fences, making their legs considerably shorter.

While normally we would consider disqualifying these runners, the inconsistent communication of instructions and the map showing the fences as crossable means that the series and race organiser have decided to void the three legs where this had an impact: legs 6-7, 24-25 and 27-28. This is not a perfect solution: those who ran a clean course will have spent more time on other legs examining how to avoid crossing fences. However, the series and race organisers feel that it is the best option in the circumstances. We will of course endeavour to avoid such a situation in future races.

The single results files above are correct. The split times show the total unadjusted time (for now). Further analysis using Routegadget, Attackpoint, etc will be available once we have resolved the issues with eliminating controls.

Here are the unadjusted results in Splitsbrowser, Winsplits, AttackPoint and RouteGadget:

And the adjusted splits:

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