Ravenscourt Park Results

Thanks to Michael Crone for organising, and The Oak W12 for hosting us.

Welcome to several newcomers who we hope enjoyed the challenge of running with a map produced for the event, coping with what the park has to offer and the courses Michael planned, and sharing the park with other users on a warm and humid summer evening. And thanks for coming to the many experienced orienteers who tried, as ever, to go as fast as possible whilst staying in control and optimising the navigation, if only by a few seconds on each leg. The first two runners on the long course were separated by less than half a second per control, and less than the difference they took to the first control. The faster you go the harder it gets?

Do check the Park Race website for overall scores (now updated) and reflections on the whole series.

The series was setup and managed by Vinh Hoang and Don McKerrow. Don also did a lot of the mapping. Many thanks to them both.

The Park Race dedicated Website

Put your route on Routegadget

Link to Results at SportIdent.

Some of the series prize winners