Richmond Park Night-O results

Results from the Richmond Park Night-O from Tuesday 28 October 2014:

Organiser’s comments

First of all thanks to my helpers from last night: Faith Moyo, Pete Huzan, Paul Street and Bart Vonhoff who all sacrificed runs to ensure the smooth running of the event. I am extremely grateful to all of them because they all stepped in to save the day at various points in the evening when I was somewhere else!

When controlling/organising the best thing to see is lots of happy faces coming back (and no maps left at the end of the night) and I was grateful for the thanks and positive comments from so many who overlooked some of the flaws of the event (locked gates, late changes to the map, shortage of short maps, problems producing on the spot results) and enjoyed their runs at Richmond Park, we were fortunate with the weather and terrain! I really enjoyed scouting out the area the last few weeks to put this event on and know what to do next time to fix the issues I had.

Look forward to seeing everyone again for the Street O event next week and the next Night O event on 25th November 2014. Thanks again.

Duncan Grassie