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Notting Hill Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Notting Hill on Wednesday 11 May 2016, along with the final overall series results. Please contact if you have any results queries.

Lost property – one set of black headphones, left in the “Snug”. Please contact Phil at to claim.

Series co-ordinator’s comments

Thanks to Phil for organising the final event in the 2015/16 Street-O series (and for hosting the series-end prize giving). After a very wet few days the rain had mostly cleared by the evening, giving everyone a nice opportunity to run on a warm light evening taking in a few of the London parks, rather than the dark streets we are used to in the winter months.

Congratulations to the overall series winners – Matthias Mahr reclaiming the title he previously won 9 years ago in 2006/07, with Jo Hurley (nee Reeve) winning the women’s title for the fourth year in a row. See the full list of previous series winners.

It was another very popular series, again breaking our attendance records with an average of 79 runners per race (up from last year’s previous record of 76), and more strikingly a total of 346 different competitors across the whole series (100 more than last year).

Thanks also to all the race organisers over the year who have made the series possible, as well as everyone who has helped out at the different events – we rely on volunteer support to continue run these events, so everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated.

On that note, in order to continue to run the series next year we will need another 9 event organisers – so if you would be prepared to host a race in next year’s Street-O series, please email to volunteer. The events are fairly easy to put on and full support and guidance will be given along the way – we’ve had a number of first-time organisers in recent years and it would nice to get a few more.

After 10 years of organising the series, I am also looking to find someone to take on the role of Street-O series co-ordinator. This job mainly involves arranging the schedule of events, liaising with the event organisers each month to help things run smoothly, and processing the results for the website. If you would be willing to take on this task, or want to discuss more about what is involved, please let me know at

Paul Nixon

Feltham Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Feltham on Tuesday 12 April 2016, along with the updated overall series results. Please contact if you have any results queries.

Organiser’s comments

The Feltham Street-O encouraged the 47 participants to visit the area’s highlights (HMYOI & the secret mapping site) but unfortunately the only “blue plaque” (to Freddie Mercury) could not be included as it was too close to the venue.

As usual, my intention was to create a technical course with both overall and leg route choices, which proved successful. The inevitable consequence of not using post-boxes, was an ambiguous clue. The intended answer for Control 15 (Fire Exit, No * ) was “Smoking” and not an invisible number: award yourself an extra 10 points if you went there.

Thanks to my usual helpers (Carole, Fran & Nick) and to David Rosen (of LOK) for their valued assistance.

Only the Notting Hill Street-O remains for you to finally achieve your perfect Street-O run of the season.

Dave Wright

Surbiton Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Surbiton on Tuesday 9 February 2016, along with the updated overall series results. Please contact if you have any results queries.

Organiser’s comments

Thank you to the 85 runners who came out to Surbiton for the StreetO event. South West trains did their best to stop some of you arriving but I am pleased that you won out in the end. Credit to Adam Dent who arrived and immediately set out just in time on the course despite severe train headaches.

Earlier in the day it promised to be cold but dry, sadly this forecast did not come good with the rain making conditions (and maps) a little soggy for some runners, particularly those who went out early.

The course seemed to be well received. The only comment made on the night was that some of the numbers were marked close to multiple controls, apologies if this caught anyone out. On the choice of the 1:12500 scale, this was used to ensure we had a good choice of routes that I felt would have been restricted on 1:10000. Hopefully the change of scale didn’t throw you off too much.

Our highest scorer, Paul Nixon earned his first place with 620 points. As a Surbiton resident local knowledge paid off for him as he had a clear 40 point lead over second place. Well done Paul!

A special mention to Jenny and Andrew Melbourne who completed the event pushing their son Thomas in his buggy. I’m not sure if he was in charge of the map reading or writing down the answers though.

Thanks to my wife Vicki for help with organisation and manning the computer. Also thanks to the marking team: Myra, Shiv and Dan.

See you all at Hampstead next month!

Richard Kirk

Belgravia Street-O results


Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Belgravia on Tuesday 8 December 2015, along with the updated overall series results.

Please contact if you have any results queries. In particular, please see the organiser’s comments below regarding pairs runners, and controls 26 & 39.

Organiser’s comments

Many thanks to all of you who attended the Belgravia Street-O. We had 110 participants and would had had 112 participants if two regulars hadn’t forgotten their running shoes! It was also great to see several new faces.

Many thanks to Gyte who managed the start, to Ollie and Steve for helping type in the results, to Don for taking money and helping to oversee everything, to Mel for helping newbies and to the numerous markers and download helpers. Without you, it would be impossible to hold this type of event.

The pub was delighted with the takings and would love to see us all again. So if anyone would like to use this area for an event in the future, you’ve got yourself a pub.

Several participants chose to run in pairs after registering. If your name appears on the bottom of the results list with no score against it, please do let us know who you paired up with, so you can be allocated the correct number of league series points.

Unfortunately the course setter’s master map got soaked in a rain storm whilst course setting and then a second map got soaked on a final visit to the course on Sunday. Whilst managing to salvage much of the map, it did unfortunately lead to the misplacement of controls 26 and 39. Please accept the course setter’s apologies for this and email if you attempted those controls and your score was not adjusted for this.

The next event will be based at The Arab Boy, 289 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 6SP on Tuesday 12 January. So we can ensure enough maps are printed, it would be great if you could please let us know in advance that you’re coming. Please see the event details for more information.

Best wishes and here’s to safe and happy orienteering.

Jane Harries

West End Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in the West End on Tuesday 10 November 2015 (hosted by our friends at LOK), along with the current overall series results.

Organiser’s comments

Just over 100 people participated in the West End Street O event, with Jo Hurley (SLOW) scoring highest on the night. The first outright win for a female I believe, so congratulations Jo.

There were also a number of people new to orienteering or Street O, which was good to see. I hope you enjoyed it and will come back for some of the other races in the series.

There was one glitch on the night. When I planned, and then when the control was rechecked, number 22 was definitely illuminated bright pink. On the night it clearly had a change of heart..,, a few times …. as we had answers of yellow, green, purple and so on. In the end the decision to accept any colour as correct was taken. Apologies for any confusion.

A big thank you to everyone who helped in the night, and also to the pub who were kind enough to host.

Maps left in the night will be available at the next event. Any queries regarding results, please let me know

Elaine Battson

Greenwich & Isle of Dogs Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

Overall series results will be published following next month’s event which is being hosted by LOK in the West End.

Lost property and uncollected maps from the first two races will be at registration for the next one – apologies for forgetting to put the last lot out this time!

Organiser’s comments

Thanks for coming to Greenwich, and to the Kings Arms for accommodating us! It was our first time organising an event, and potentially underestimated the number of people needed to do registration and answer questions, so thank you for your patience all whilst queueing. We hope you enjoyed the split map and it gave a good challenge on route planning. Also, the idea of running under the Thames in a Street-O was hopefully something different and on the return journey the challenge of running up ‘tunnel mountain’ was suitably unique! Maritime Greenwich is such a fabulous area and strikingly lit at night-time.

Thanks to all for being understanding on the slight mis-location of number 5, which many pointed out, and credit was given to all you visited and noted it, but all other points seem to have been located and confirmed to be in the correct place. Although, to the person who demanded points for having visited number 12 and found being no question for, whom I kindly credited for the points without checking, shame on you.. there is no #12 on the front! Same goes for people guessing on door colours, tolerance was definitely allowed due to poorly lit areas, but white and black are distinctly different and very discernible in the dark!

In more upbeat news, thanks definitely go to Rich and Vicki Kirk, and Shiv’s mother for helping with the marking, and to Don for printing the maps! And we hope to see you at another event soon.

Dan Lewington & Siobhan Henn

Clapton Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Clapton on Tuesday 15 September 2015.

Organiser’s comments

I hope everyone enjoyed the visit northeastwards and liked the mix of streets and rough pasture. As well as Clapton, the area included Walthamstow Marshes, Stoke Newington and Stamford Hill. I used OOMap to create the map with an unusually high number of controls (47) and a small scale, to ensure that even the fastest would have to make choices about which part of the map to ignore during their run – the maximum theoretical score was 1010. Apologies that the postbox at No. 22 was missing, I have given points to everyone who wrote in words to this effect. One runner was unlucky enough to run into the Waterworks Nature Reserve (immediately south of No. 41) and then got trapped in the gathering gloom as the only gate was locked. Thankfully he was able to eventually climb out! Many people ran through Springfield Park during their race (the small one on a hill) which we may look at including in a Park Race in the future.

Thanks to Suki for running the start and collating the results, to Andy, Simon, Catherine and Ben for marking, my team at work for correcting a couple of descriptions, and the Princess of Wales Lea Bridge for hosting us. Lost property: One ankle brace. Please contact to claim. I will also aim to bring this, and unclaimed maps, to the next race which is at London Bridge on 13 October. We aim to keep these events “bare bones” by making them cheap to enter and easy to organise, so please make your organiser’s life easier by “entering” in advance on Facebook and bringing your SI card if you have one.

Oliver O’Brien