Feltham Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Feltham on Tuesday 12 April 2016, along with the updated overall series results. Please contact if you have any results queries.

Organiser’s comments

The Feltham Street-O encouraged the 47 participants to visit the area’s highlights (HMYOI & the secret mapping site) but unfortunately the only “blue plaque” (to Freddie Mercury) could not be included as it was too close to the venue.

As usual, my intention was to create a technical course with both overall and leg route choices, which proved successful. The inevitable consequence of not using post-boxes, was an ambiguous clue. The intended answer for Control 15 (Fire Exit, No * ) was “Smoking” and not an invisible number: award yourself an extra 10 points if you went there.

Thanks to my usual helpers (Carole, Fran & Nick) and to David Rosen (of LOK) for their valued assistance.

Only the Notting Hill Street-O remains for you to finally achieve your perfect Street-O run of the season.

Dave Wright