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Bank Street-O results

With apologies for the delay in posting these, results from the Bank Street-O on 13 November are now available here. Routegadget for the event is available here.

Overall results for the series so far (after 3 events out of 9) can now be found here.

Organiser’s comments

Thank you for all the kind comments. I was surprised how much time it took me to organise but it is worth it when it is enjoyed.

I noted that for 2 questions, some people gave a different answer and I took a walk to both these on Friday to check them out.

  • Control 44: The answer was Sunlight. Many people gave me Broken as an answer. I see where they have got that from as the street from Upper Thames St to the rover was called Broken Wharf but the signs showing that were at either end of the street. The control was half way down the street on the corner of an adjoining street and I indicated it was a plaque. The plaque was at the corner, on the adjoining street at knee to waist height and was indicating the site of the last working crane on the City waterfront.
  • Control 45: The answer was Reverend Clayton. Some people gave me Wakefield as an answer. Closer to Tower Hill there was a bust on the wall with a stone engraving for the Viscount Wakefield. The clue was looking for a round Blue Plaque and was further from Tower Hill.

Carolyn Moon, MV

Southfields Street-O: 8 January 2013

The fifth Street-O race of the 2012-13 series takes place in Southfields in SW London. This event will use electronic timing for the start and finish – please bring your SI card if you have one.

This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!

Like all our Street-Os, this a public race – all are welcome. Please RSVP to the event via Facebook (link above) to let us know you are coming – you can also see who else is coming here and post queries. If you are not on Facebook, please let the organiser know you are coming, at so that the correct number of maps are printed.

Registration, Start and Finish Location

AddressThe Pig and Whistle Pub, Penwith Road
Latitude/longitude51.441, -0.1968
OS grid referenceTQ254729
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap


At the Pig and Whistle Pub, corner of Penwith Road and Dumsford Road/Merton Road. Private space booked. Closest rail is Earlsfield, closest tube is Wimbledon Park.

Entry Fee

£1 for SLOW members, students and juniors, £2 for others.


RegistrationBetween 1815 and 1930
Start TimesBetween 1830 and 1930

Race Format

Normal Street-O format with clues located at each control site. You have 60 minutes to visit as many controls as possible, in any order, and return to the finish. SI will be used to time the start and finish, please bring your SI card if you have one. Don’t forget to bring a pen to write down your answers to the clues as you go around, and a watch. A headtorch may also be useful. General information about street orienteering.


Fluorescent clothing is recommended for safety. All competitors take part at their own risk. You MUST be over 16 to take part in this event, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a condition of our insurance.


At the pub.


Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event.


Organiser/Planner: Jane Harries.

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Southern Night Championships & OK Nuts Trophy 2012 Events

Southern Night Championships 2012
Saturday 1 December
OK Nuts Trophy 2012
including Junior/Senior Interland Selection Race
Sunday 2 December
Esher and Oxshott Commons


Original flyer

Final Details – Southern Night Championships

Final Details – OK Nuts Trophy

This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!
This event is on AttackpointThis event is on Attackpoint. Say you are coming here!
This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!
This event is on AttackpointThis event is on Attackpoint. Say you are coming here!



LocationEsher and Oxshott Commons
AddressOxshott Village Sports Club, Steel Lane
Latitude/longitude51.3304, -0.365
OS grid referenceTQ140603
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap


LocationEsher and Oxshott Commons
AddressThe Fairmile, Portsmouth Road
Latitude/longitude51.3416, -0.4004
OS grid referenceTQ115615
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap


1:10,000 map fully revised for the events. Mixed deciduous forest and open heath, with a good path network. Some areas of intricate vegetation, other areas of intricate contour detail.



Full range of M/W 16-75 age classes, plus a Novice course. You are free to enter any age class you like (e.g. M21’s who want a shorter course could enter M55), but you will only be eligible for a prize if you satisfy the age class criteria of the course you have entered.


Full range of colour-coded courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Short Green, Green, Short Blue, Blue, Short Brown and Brown (no Black course). Free String Course. This table shows the course you need to run in, in order to be competitive for the OK Nuts Trophy prizes:

Course Male Classes Female Classes
Brown M20, M21, M35, M40
Short Brown M18, M45, M50 W21
Blue M16, M55, M60 W20, W35, W40
Short Blue M65 W18, W45, W50
Green M70 W16, W55, W60
Short Green M14, M75+ W14, W65+
Orange M12 W12
Yellow M10 W10

Please note that the OK Nuts Trophy has now been assigned as a selection race for the England Junior and Senior teams for Interland 2013. Please see the Orienteering England website for further details of the course you need to run to be eligible for selection consideration.

Start Times


Exact start times will be allocated in advance.

RegistrationBetween 1630 and 1800
Start TimesBetween 1700 and 1830


Exact start times will be allocated in advance, except for Orange/Yellow/White which will have open start times.

RegistrationBetween 1000 and 1200
Start TimesBetween 1030 and 1230

Start lists will be available here soon.


Saturday – Southern Night Championship trophies presented to all eligible class winners.
Sunday – The OK Nuts Trophy is in memory of Mike Wells Cole, former British Champion and a member of Nutfielders OK, who died in 1976; this will be awarded to the winner of the Brown course. The Heather Monro Trophy will be awarded to the first woman on the Short Brown course and the Margaret Loveless Trophy for best Junior performance on any course. Additionally, OK Nuts coasters will be awarded for the top 3 on each course based on the range of age classes published above and in the final details. History of the OK Nuts Trophy.


Advance entries are now closed, but EOD will be available (while maps last).


Online advance entries: Now closed.
Entry on the day: Senior – £13 per race (but £2 discount for British Orienteering members) Junior (M/W20-), full time students, all on Orange/Yellow/White/Novice course – £5 (no discount).

Waterloo Street-O Results

Results from the Waterloo Street-O are here (updated 29/10/12).

Organiser’s comments

Control 20 was marked slightly too far north on the map although the other pieces of information to locate it (close to the road and the middle statue) were correct (there were other statues but only 3 close to the road). Apologies to those affected – if not found, the score can be credited with sufficiently convincing descriptions of having been there by emailing the address above.

Thanks to Ollie for the ever wonderful Open Orienteering Map, to Don for printing, to Paul and Dorte for bringing the kit and to Don, Paul, Libby, Angus, Vicky, Susan, Chris, Andy and others for helping deal with the large numbers on the night.

Heather Walton, SLOW