Bank Street-O results

With apologies for the delay in posting these, results from the Bank Street-O on 13 November are now available here. Routegadget for the event is available here.

Overall results for the series so far (after 3 events out of 9) can now be found here.

Organiser’s comments

Thank you for all the kind comments. I was surprised how much time it took me to organise but it is worth it when it is enjoyed.

I noted that for 2 questions, some people gave a different answer and I took a walk to both these on Friday to check them out.

  • Control 44: The answer was Sunlight. Many people gave me Broken as an answer. I see where they have got that from as the street from Upper Thames St to the rover was called Broken Wharf but the signs showing that were at either end of the street. The control was half way down the street on the corner of an adjoining street and I indicated it was a plaque. The plaque was at the corner, on the adjoining street at knee to waist height and was indicating the site of the last working crane on the City waterfront.
  • Control 45: The answer was Reverend Clayton. Some people gave me Wakefield as an answer. Closer to Tower Hill there was a bust on the wall with a stone engraving for the Viscount Wakefield. The clue was looking for a round Blue Plaque and was further from Tower Hill.

Carolyn Moon, MV