Streatham Common GLOSS Results

The penultimate race in the 2013 GLOSS series took place on Streatham Common, The Rookery and Norwood Grove in south London on Sunday 14 July. The hot, sunny weather continued perhaps giving early runners an advantage as the temperature rose. 50 runners completed the main GLOSS (light green) course, which took in the surprising variety of terrain that Streatham offers: open parkland leading up to woodland, ornamental gardens and gently rolling hillsides.

The results reflect the time adjusted for the GLOSS competition; the splits show the actual times that people ran on the course.

As ever with the London summer series, the fiendishly complicated handicap system came into play with runners of a wide range of experience counting for their clubs.

Matthias Mahr and Abi Weeds (both from SLOW) were the first man and woman home respectively, and SLOW members took four of the top five places both before and after handicaps were applied.

By club, SLOW scored 575 points beating HAVOC (Havering and South Essex) on 491 and MV (Mole Valley) on 414. Nine clubs were represented overall.

Many thanks to The Waterfront Bar for opening early and providing a cool venue for post-race drinks, refreshments and socialising.