Wimbledon Night O Results

I hope you enjoyed the challenging courses. As the 4th in the night series, I didn’t want it to be that easy. But I may have overdone it so apologies. The north of the common is so wet these days but I tried to keep you out of the worst of it after the first two controls. By contrast the south was very pleasant.

Regarding some of the harder controls: 175 depression #12: I was expecting you to approach from the east through the white runnable channel and look out for the very large tree (green circle). Quite a few approached from the west through the green. 176 knoll #13: the white channels led you to the distinctive blue ditch with the control right next to that. 178 between knolls #15: follow the path on the east side till the green runs out then climb slightly left over the mini contour. 179 ditch #16: use the ditch bends before the control to know where you are.

Thank you to the Telegraph for hosting us. Thank you to those who helped me put on the event: Gordon, Steven, Don, Clare, Heikki, Paul, Sarah, Geraint, Scott, Sue.

Pete Huzan – Organiser / Planner


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Series results after 4 races – Long & Short

Future Events

Brixton Street O – Tuesday 8th March

Night Series finale – Tuesday 22nd March