Wimbledon Night-O – Results

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Congratulations to our series winners – Tsz Chun Jason Wong and Aimee Darley. Full series results to follow.

Official’s Comments

Firstly a big thanks to all those who helped me put on the event – Steve, Gordon, Eloise, Duncan, Pete, Kieran and Jason. Thanks also to the Wimbledon Common rangers for allowing us to hold the event and to the Crooked Billet for, as a few times before, affording us a great space at the back of the pub to informally take-over for the night plus serving great food and drink.

To the 65 of you who ran the courses I hope you all enjoyed the run despite the very wet start to both courses. I thought I was avoiding the wetter parts of the South East of the common from my earlier to final rekkies; but as you appreciated the Common has continued to get wetter through the winter (and particularly over the last 2/3 weeks) with the rain. Hopefully the slightly dryer latter halves made up for it.

For everyone who it was your first night-O a big well done and I hope you come back for more in our next series towards the end of this year. Pete’s mini coaching and map sessions pre event can be arranged again for the next series, they seemed to be a very popular pep-talk on the night for those starting out.

I enjoyed setting my first orienteering course and learnt a few things myself. Particularly the classic “make sure there’s a significant tree on the map if you choose a tree as your control description” – apologies if that threw anyone with controls 12 and 18 on the long and 11 on the short. Otherwise I was hoping the make the most of the South and South West of the Common that gets covered less regularly and give a range of features that hopefully gave some route choice and interesting handrails.

James Leech – Organiser + Planner