Barnes Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Barnes on on Tuesday 14 April 2015, along with the latest overall series results.

Organiser’s comments

Thanks to everyone that came to sunny Barnes last evening and hope you all enjoyed yourselves. It was nice to see people coming back happy even if they had to wait at level crossings or found several answers to the same question (number 28). I was a bit limited with getting around the competition area so apologies for getting the gates around number 41 wrong – I was there at a weekend so things that I thought would be locked weren’t and vice versa.

Thanks to Steve for all his help on the night, Faith, Melanie (and friends), Nigel and others for marking results, Don for the maps, Todd for equipment and Paul for pre-event help and look forward to seeing you all once I am back running again after June!

Duncan Grassie