Kingston Street-O results

Here are the Results and Routegadget from the Street-O held in Kingston on Tuesday 10 December 2013, along with the updated overall series results.

Planner’s comments

Thanks to everyone who came out to Kingston, I hope you enjoyed the course and the pub.

The decision to use only postboxes was taken for a number of reasons. The main ones being that they provide clear, unambiguous control sites and it makes planning simple. (I did also consider having a control in one of the graveyards, but they are locked at night!). There are around 43 postboxes on the map area, so the only decisions to be made were which ones to exclude and how to distribute the points. The one disadvantage is that it they tend not to be in the most intricate areas of the map.

All the 40 point controls were intended to be awkward to get to, with numbers 41 and 40 in-particular designed to be questionable whether it was worth the effort to get them or not. I also wanted to reward runners for visiting Kingston town centre – one of the more interesting parts of the map – hence the cluster there.

The only real issue with planning a race in Kingston is the heavy traffic on the one way system and the lack of underpasses to avoid it. I hope no one was too inconvenienced by having to wait long to cross roads.

A big thank you to Don, Duncan and Paul for manning the start, as well as the very willing volunteers who marked the maps so efficiently.

Steven Clelland