New Malden Street-O results

Here are the results from the New Malden Street-O held on Wednesday 15 October 2014. The first overall results table of the series will follow after the November event.

Organiser’s comments

Thank you very much to the undaunted 50 who came out to the suburbs on a wet Wednesday night. Fortunately the rain held off for some of the time. And a very big thank you to Angie and Lucy who did the honours upstairs with Mark. New Malden is a convenient place to run to/on Wimbledon Common or in Richmond Park. But it offers challenges for Street O:

  • identifying a pub near a station with right sort of offer
  • the private roads to the North (we had to keep you off those that had no right of way)
  • a couple of private golf courses
  • the railway (with a principal crossing place a level crossing that is closed 40% of the time); and
  • the A3.

On balance that all meant going North, but not too far North. We tried to work round the constraints and pull you off the grid-like area in the middle to the more varied areas towards the edge, and to reward those who went there. Special kudos to those who ran up the hill to get No 39.

Thanks to you all for your tolerance for our first event and to Ollie for his marvellous contribution to Street O. Apologies to those who felt hard done by on one marking decision. We did give the benefit of the doubt where we could on decisions, given the conditions. The main cause of contention was ‘got’ correctly by the majority, but I take the feedback and will leave no room for ambiguity next time.

Good luck next month, Jo.

PS: Lost property: 1 Petzel headtorch found. Please e-mail me your snailmail address at and I will post it – assuming there’s only 1 claimant!

Andrew & Mark Turner