West Hampstead Street-O results

Here are the Race Results from last night and the Series Results after round 4 (with minor updates.)

Thanks to organisers Todd Fallesen and Tessa Bertran for taking us into a new part of London – West Hampstead. Todd comments: “Thanks everyone for making it up to West Hampstead for what we hoped was a challenging Street-O. Thanks to Tatia Englemore, Gemma Williams and Katherine Gibbs for helping with the start/finish. We hope everyone had a good run. We tried for a new trick, cutting down on the 40’s and putting out 4 50 point controls to try to draw people a little bit further out, and it seemed to work, though a few people got caught out trying to squeeze a last minute control in. We noticed quite a few people got number 34 wrong, the sign at the top of the path was different by one word (and colour) from the control point. Interestingly, the Southwest and the Northeast quadrants of the map had the same amount of points, though most people went to the Northeast. The Southwest points were a bit more spread out, and the Northeast points were a bit more hilly. ”

This was the last SLOW race before Christmas, but we start again soon after the New Year on the 8th of January in another new part of London – Ealing. See the details here and I hope to see many of you there.

Matthias Mahr, Street O coordinator