Wimbledon Street-O results

*Final Results below & Series Results added* And join us at the for the next Street-O on Tuesday 11 February, organised by our friends at LOK (and they’d like you to pre-enter please, see the form!)

It was great to see more than 100 people at our Wimbledon Street-O last night, including loads of newcomers. And weren’t we all lucky with the weather! I hope you enjoyed your time and will join us for future races including our Barnes Night-O in two weeks and the next Street-O in February.

Here are the Final Results for the race, which was very ably organised by first-time duo Marc and Natalia. Marc says: “Thanks to everyone for coming by and making this the race the one with the biggest attendance of this Street series events. The foxes were scared about how many people were running and looking for different points in Wimbledon. Some of you were impressed with how gorgeous some houses were and tested your physical conditions after Christmas on the hills of Wimbledon Village. On the other hand, the orienteers who picked the South Wimbledon area found the streets so quiet, including the cemetery. We hope to see you again and encouraged the newcomers to join us in further events. Moltes gràcies!”

Any results queries to please and I’ll be posting updated Series Results by the weekend.