Club Social/Training Day

“Brush off the cobwebs, reset your compass and come to Richmond Park for some training. Maps provided, but no control kites (we’ll be using MapRun). Friendly but competitive. Tips, help and a shorter course for newcomers. Longer course for more experienced orienteers. Stick around for cake and chat.”

All club members are welcome. This is specifically a club activity, not an event, see the weekly email for admin details.

The Club invites all members to a social with training run on Saturday 3rd February. Arrive 10:30am at the Ranelagh Harriers clubhouse, train in Richmond Park, social in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is not visible from the main road as it is behind an Arts & Crafts building, The Dysart, now a Michelin starred restaurant. Buses from Richmond and Kingston stop there. It is a 30 minute walk from Richmond Station. Plenty of bike racks. No car parking at the clubhouse.

In the clubhouse there’ll be lots of orienteering ideas, tips, and so on – we will be just two weeks away from the CompassSport Cup match. It’s also a chance to catch up with other members.

Bring your sandwiches and we’ll have hot drinks, a biscuit and a slice of cake available. There will be maps for 7km and 4km courses to help you plan a personal run (it is not an “event”) in the Park. The courses are a gentler one for newcomers to the “forest” or those wanting less distance and a more challenging one. Both will use the MapRun phone app. There won’t be any control markers, but there will be paper maps.