Katie McInnes wins SLOW's 2013 Spring Handicap Series

Congratulations to Katie McInnes who wins SLOW’s inaugural Spring Handicap series. The competition was run over five events run by other clubs from January to March, with the best three adjusted scores counting.

Angus Liu was the runner-up and first man. Katie and Angus both scored top marks at one event (Verdley and Balcombe respectively) with Katie getting a second and two third places at other events.

Full results of the 2013 series are available here.

The handicap scores are based on ranking points over the 12 months to the start of the series. In the results, the handicap column shows the mean and standard deviation up to the start of the series in January 2013, and the two columns for each event show the series points, the ranking points awarded by BOF and the adjusted value used to calculate the series points.