Coaching 4 April 2009

WHEN – Saturday 4th April, starting 11:00 sharp and running until about 13:00.

WHERE – We are meeting at the Windmill car park in Wimbledon Common – map link here.

WHAT – There will be 4 courses on offer for advanced orienteers. These add to a total of 8km so will provide a good workout. There is also an easier ‘butterfly loops’ course for beginners.

There will be a team of experienced coaches available on the day to talk technique. Shadowing will be on offer for beginners.

The session has been planned by Australian Team coach Rob Lewis who will share some know-how from down under. He will also be able to talk about technique for Aussie forests for anyone going to the World Masters in October.

Lunch at the Telegraph Pub nearby.

QUERIES – contact Rob Lewis: email or phone 07787 122967