Ralph in British Team

Ralph receives a lucky mini-control from SLOW clubmate Nikolay Kolev earlier this year.

SLOW Member Ralph Street is selected in the British team for next month’s World Championships (WOC). He runs the middle distance and relay.

The GB WOC Team – On the Red Line.

The team includes the presenter of our “Start Orienteering VideoGraham Gristwood who will be running his fourteenth World Championships.

Other presenters of videos in our Get Up To Speed series of coaching videos are also selected: Hector Haines, Megan Carter-Davies and Charlotte Watson.

As there has been in previous years The Orienteering Foundation are collecting donations for support towards athlete expenses at the World Championships. The appeal explains the background.

Barnes Common GLOSS

Thanks to The Spencer for hosting our race on Barnes Common today. And thanks to Nikolay Kolev and Vesela Chokoeva for planning and organizing it all, and to the several members of SLOW who helped it happen.

This was the second of a five race series called GLOSS, in which most runners all take on the same 4km course.

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Results after handicap on the London OK site (SLOW won.)

Streatham Common and Norwood Grove

The eighth race of South London Orienteers’ nine event 2019 Park Race Series takes place at Streatham Common and Norwood Grove on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

The areas are gently sloping with a mix of short and longer grass parkland, small areas of woodland with small paths and formal gardens. It was last used for a park race in 2016. Like all races in the series, the race is suitable for beginners. Full leg cover is not required – running in shorts, T-shirt and trainers is fine.

Norwood Grove History.

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Race Centre

The race centre is The Bull at Streatham, 498 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 3QB. The nearest stations are Streatham Common (with services from London Bridge, London Victoria and East Croydon) and Streatham (services from Wimbledon, Sutton, central and north London) both of which are 10 minutes walk from The Bull. We will be set up in the “Sheds” in the patio garden area on the south side of the pub. There is a full menu served at the pub until 22:00 – details can be found at: https://www.thebullstreatham.co.uk/food-drink/

LocationStreatham Common and Norwood Grove
AddressThe Bull, 498 Streatham High Road
Latitude/longitude51.4194, -0.1282
OS grid referenceTQ302706
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Race Details

The entry fee is £5 for seniors plus a £1 hire charge for hiring a SIAC and £3 for members of SLOW, LOK, DFOK and MV and for students and juniors with no hire charge for a SIAC. The race will use SIAC contactless punching.

Long and short courses are offered. They are both suitable for juniors but they must be escorted across the road and back between the pub and the start/finish.

·         Long: this will be approximately 5km with 50m climb. It is primarily grass based with some paths and tracks. There is some bramble in the forested areas but the courses are planned to avoid them as much as possible.

·         Short: this will be approximately 3km with 40m climb. It is primarily grass based with some paths and tracks. There is some bramble in the forested areas but the courses are planned to avoid them as much as possible.


Registration: 17:45 – 19:25

Start (150m away across a road): 18:00 – 19:30
Finish (near the start): closes at 20:15, so we can collect the controls by 21:00 when the park is locked.

Other Details

All competitors take part at their own risk. Entries and results will be processed by computer, your entry will be taken as agreement to this. The competition is run under the rules and guidelines of, and sanctioned by, British Orienteering.

Results will be available on the SLOW website soon after the race.

Organiser/Planner: Gordon Parker  

Imperial – Park Race

It was a lovely warm evening for the second race of the 2019 park race series, kindly hosted at Imperial College, and organised and planned by Michael Crone. Thanks for coming along: we hope you enjoyed the evening, running in such a pleasant part of London and the challenges the courses offered.

Park Race Series Website.

One of the characteristics of orienteering is that the runner takes responsibility for their route. The planner makes it more than a run in the park by setting interesting and challenging legs that require the competitor to interpret the map, and make route choices.

Leg 9 to 10 on the long course is such a leg. There is a large building between the control sites, and there are two levels at number 9 . It’s a good leg, with there being alternate ramp and stair choices – which did you pick? (The Routegadget link below has the full map.)

But it’s a University building and it had open doors at least at some of the time we were racing. Several runners on the course ran directly through it. The map clearly does not have this “route”.

For newcomers to orienteering, oops. Maybe you didn’t realise or you saw others doing it. There are no disqualifications.

For experienced orienteers – and many of the transgressors are members of SLOW or other clubs – this is poor and you should know better. Please stick to the rules and don’t do this sort of thing.

If you can see from the map that there isn’t a legal route don’t go that way. Do not cross impassable wall /fence /vegetation /access forbidden /out-of-bounds – you need a different way. If a road is cross-hatched in red do not cross it even if you can. If you find an open gate or a hole in a fence that is not on the map don’t go through.

The serious aspect is that deliberate action of this type can cause us to lose access to part of a map, or even to be unable to get permission for future races: “last time your people did this…” In any case it damages the sport’s reputation. We need to try hard to maintain a good reputation, especially with site managers and landowners.

Of course it’s tricky at times – and most people make some mistakes some of the time, but really it is hard to imagine that so many experienced runners misread the map to think it was OK to run through the building here.

Leg 9-10, Long course, Imperial College Park Race, June 2019.

We have removed this leg from the total time taken.

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The race on Attackpoint.

GLOSS 2019: Barnes Common, Sunday 30 June

South London Orienteers welcome you to our 2019 GLOSS Series Race (#2 of 5 in the series) on Sunday 30th June 2019.

The Greater London Orienteering Summer Series (GLOSS) is a series of 5 events, specifically tailored towards bringing less experienced runners into the sport, favoured by the handicap scoring system. An overview is available here:

The events are perfect for beginners and families and there is a club competition for the prestigious London Bus trophy for those who are members of an orienteering club.

There are two course options: the GLOSS course which is about 3.5 to 4.5 km (with optional extension to ~6 km) and is of moderate navigational difficulty and a ‘Yellow’ course which is about 2km with easier navigation.

Event Centre

The event centre is The Spencer pub on Lower Richmond Road at SW15 1HJ. The pub itself will not be open for early starters, but will be available later on at noon for anyone wishing to get food and drink. Prior to opening we will provide a safe place outside the venue to store bags and for registration.

LOCATIONBarnes Common
ADDRESSThe Spencer, Lower Richmond Rd., SW15 1HJ
MAPSGoogle MapsOpenStreetMap
Location of the Spencer, a short distance from Barnes station (SW trains) on the other side of Barnes Common


REGISTRATIONBetween 1000 and 1200
START TIMESBetween 1030 and 1230

Entry on the day only.


Electronic timing will be used, and SI cards (regular for £1 and wireless for £2.50) can be hired for the event on the day.


Light Green (“GLOSS” – fairly tricky)4km + optional 2.5km extension
Yellow (fairly easy)2km


Results will be posted on this website after the event.

Competitors take part in this race at their own risk. Entries and results will be processed by computer, your entry will be taken as agreement to this. The competition is run under the rules and guidelines of, and sanctioned by, British Orienteering.

Orienteering in London and Surrey. British Orienteering's Club of the Year 2013. Community Amateur Sports Club accredited.