SLOW finish 6th in CompassSport Cup Final

SLOW travelled up to Fineshade Woods in Northamptonshire on Sunday, to take part in this year’s CompassSport Cup Final, the UK’s main orienteering inter-club competition, having qualified in the regional heats earlier this year.

The club scored 1607 points, finishing a solid 6th behind South Yorkshire, who retain the cup from last year, and Octavian Drooblers (Warwickshire), Bristol, Southdowns and Harlequins (Birmingham). SLOW beat Nottingham, West Cumberland, Southern Navigators, Lagan Valley and Airienteers. Full results here.

The qualifiers for next year’s competition take place on Sunday January 24th.

Scoring Team

The following people were the 25 counters towards this year’s total, a maximum of six from any course being allowed:

Name Course Points
Ralph Street Brown 97
Audrius Janulynas Blue Men Cup 95
Jim Mallinson Green Men 88
Ed Catmur Brown 87
Ausra Miksyte Green Women 84
Peter Huzan Blue Men Cup 83
Anja Stratford Blue Women 82
Paul Couldridge Brown 77
Carys Morgan Blue Women 76
Diane Leakey Green Women 76
Ollie O’Brien Brown 70
Gordon Parker Blue Men Cup 70
Paul Nixon Brown 69
Dorte Torpe Hansen Blue Women 60
Sarah Brown Green Women 60
Charles McMillan Light Green 58
Alan Leakey Blue Men Cup 53
Evan Barlow Brown 52
Chris Fry Green Men 52
Greg Street Light Green 52
Judy Fry Green Vets 50
Don McKerrow Blue Men Cup 49
Steve Allen Blue Men Cup 33
Sarah Covey-Crump Blue Women 24
Heather Walton Green Women 10

Simon Evans, Vince Roper and Chris Wroe also ran for SLOW, on the brown course.

Paul Couldridge on the run-in.

Recent CompassSport Cup Final SLOW Placings

  • 2009: 6th (1607 points) – SYO won with 2260 points. Venue: Fineshade Woods.
  • 2008: 3rd (2004 points) – SYO won with 2214 points. Venue: Sutton Park.
  • 2007: 6th (1892 points) – OD won with 2197 points. Venue: Blidworth & Sansom Woods.
  • 2006: 7th (1774 points) – OD won with 2157 points. Venue: Greenham Common.
  • 2005: 5th (1992 points) – OD won with 2082 points. Venue: Clowbridge.
  • 2004: SLOW did not qualify.

SLOW last won in 1996. Full table of historical winners and venues.