SLOW Win the North Downs Way Relay!

SLOW have won the North Downs Way Relay 2011 race, which was held yesterday. The team captain, Paul Whiston presented with the David Earle Trophy, and commemorative mugs for each team member, at the Good Intent in Puttenham, near the end of the race, last night. It is the first time in several years that SLOW have won.

Congratulations to all 16 runners……. everyone ‘done the business’ to ensure the team took the trophy ahead of Guildford (GO) and Canterbury (CH) – despite the varied testing weather conditions during the 121-mile, 18 man-hour route! The race started at 0530, with the final leg runners finishing at around 2030. The early morning legs battled with rain, strong winds and fog on the cliff-tops near Dover, while later runners had to contend with soaring temperatures.

Full leg race splits to be published soon.

The winning SLOW team: Mike Garvin, Paul Whiston, Simon Evans, Pete Huzan, Nick Taylor, Ed Catmur, Heather Walton, Jeff Armitage, Helen Gardner, Andy Jones, Ollie O’Brien, Karen Jones, Mike Farmery, Brooner Brown, Dmitry Adamskiy, Karen Hillary.

Photographs by Nick Taylor and Karen Hilary