Southern Night Championships 2012 Results

Results from the 2012 Southern Night Championships are now available.

Southern Night Champions 2012

Congratulations to all the Southern Night Champions of 2012, ran on Esher Common on the evening of 1 December 2012.

Category Winner Club
M16 Nicholas Jarvis SO
M18 Jack Benham SARUM
M20 Angus Liu SLOW
M21 Mark Bown BOK
M35 Geoff Ellis RAFO
M40 Laurence Townley SN
M45 Roger Thetford TVOC
M50 Neil Crickmore SO
M55 Gavin Clegg WSX
M60 Axel Blomquist BAOX
M65 Jim Prowting TVOC
M70 Les Hooper SO
M75 Mike Crockett QO
W16 Beth Hanson HH
W18 Katherine Bett SN
W20 Laura Parkes HH
W21 Clare Howes SO
W35 Ali Hooper SO
W40 Julia Jarvis SO
W45 Sue Bett SN
W50 Sarah Howes SAX
W55 Jackie Hallett BOK
W60 Frances Goldingay HH
W65 Charlotte Thornton SARUM

Planner’s comments

My aim as planner was to try to get the competitor to think and not just hit the nearest path and stay in the terrain where you would be more navigationally stretched. I hope I succeeded to some extent despite the extensive path network. I also tried to keep you out of the sadly increasingly green areas particularly on Oxshott Heath so if your legs aren’t too scratched then again I have succeeded! Courses were possibly a little short for the two longer courses but I reasoned that you were probably running the following day and you would rather have a pleasant navigational challenge than lapping areas twice or visiting the less hospitable places on the map for distance

Simon Moss

Controller’s comments

Esher Common in the north of the area is ideal for night orienteering but Oxshott which everyone had to visit suffers from brambles which can limit how much you can do off paths. I think Simon planned excellent courses and made the most of the area. All of the comments I received were very positive. The conditions were perfect and I had a birds eye view from the hill above control 168 as the headlights streamed out from the start and then went in all directions after control 250. Judging by the winning times the blue and green courses could have been slightly longer. Thanks to SLOW for hosting the championships and well done to all the champions.

Vince Joyce

Deputy organiser’s comments

It’s always pleasant when the organiser’s comments consist solely of thanks. And I’m not even the organiser; Zeb took on the role, and being new asked for plenty of help, but she did really well despite going on holiday on the morning of the race. Thanks to Simon for the excellent courses despite acceding to my instruction that the start and finish had to be just “there”. And to Vince for his calm controlling. Also to Oxshott Village Sports Club for being so accommodating despite their main building being booked for a Christmas party. The various helpers for making it all work – some of them came even though they had no intention of running – double thanks to them. And finally to the competitors for coming in such good numbers and creating an excellent atmosphere.

Andy Robinson