Results for the Wimbledon Common District Race

The results for the Wimbledon Common District Race, which took place on Sunday 26 February, are available now:

The next SLOW event is the Crouch End Street-O on Tuesday 13 March. Entries are now open for the SLOW Trail Challenge series of events, including the Bushy Park Trail Challenge and the Surrey Hills Race.

Officials’ Comments


Many thanks to everyone who came to the event at Wimbledon Common on Sunday. We had a glorious day out and I was really pleased to receive so many nice comments about the courses (including the string course!)

Planning on Wimbledon Common is always fun – there is a good path network so you don’t have to send people through the brambly bits and enough variety to challenge people – hopefully everyone who ran will agree. For me the main challenge was getting round checking all the sites as my pregnancy has slowed me down more than I was expecting! My first big thank you therefore goes to Andy Robinson (Controller) and Don McKerrow who checked the tagged sites for me in the last few weeks before the event, as well as updating the map and generally keeping me on the straight and narrow. The second thank you’s go to the early morning team of Angus Lund, Paul Couldridge and Ed Catmur who helped me get the controls out into the forest and do a double check of sites. Finally I’d like to thank Andy Robinson, Don McKerrow, Vicky Whaley, Pete Huzan and Ollie O’Brien for helping to bring the controls in.

My other responsibility was the string course – with it’s very popular Octonauts theme! I hope the participants enjoyed themselves as much as we did. My team on the String Course of Sam Landrigan, James Morris and Joseph Morris were all super-stars – thanks to you all.

Finally thank you to Ruth King (Organiser) who coped amazingly well – especially when you consider her school had a short notice OFSTED inspection on the Wed and Thurs before the event. I know she has thanked all her helpers but a big thank you from me too.

Nicky Morris, Planner


At the point I became involved as the organiser of this event, the land permissions and car parking permission had already been arranged (thank you Andy Robinson and Don McKerrow) so my main job was to liaise with the planner to ensure that the walk to/from the car park to the start/finish/string course/clothing dump area was kept to a minimum and was pushchair friendly. One this was done, it was just a case of organising all the helpers that kindly leapt forward to help out on the day and keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather. Happily, both the helpers and the weather behaved themselves and we all enjoyed a beautiful, hitch-free day in the spring sunshine.
Thank you to everyone that helped me organise the event (particulaly John Wilson – and Scott Collier – for being i/c of all things SI) – the comments received from finishers were lovely; positive and full of thanks.

Ruth King, Organiser

String Course Results

Katie Holroyd 19.41
Thomas Holroyd 19.41
Claudia Mahr 12.29
Joseph Morris 6.19
Rebecca James 18.10
Luc Vyvien-Robinson 13.35
Finn Vyvien-Robinson 25.37
Thomas Jarvis 3.27
Mateo Rebora 11.19
William James 4.12
David James 7.07
Emma Stratford 4.50