Crouch Hill Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Crouch Hill on Tuesday 11 November 2014, along with the latest overall series results.

Planner’s comments

Thanks to everyone who turned up last night – a slightly damp evening but not quite as rainy as New Malden! And a good 69 runners turned up which was incredibly positive for a race taking place in North London.

We decided we wanted to use the Crouch End area, but were conscious that it needed to be different from the Street-O in Crouch End 3 years ago, which led us to positioning the pub in the bottom right hand corner. This also gave us scope for positioning a few point near the woods in the top left hand corner which made an interesting challenge if anyone wanted to try and get the points there.

We hope everyone liked the use of the post boxes – turns out there are quite a lot in the area!

Hope to see you all at the next one in Richmond.

Jo & Hugh Hurley