Kennington Street-O results

Thank you all to everyone who turned up to the first race of the 2021-22 Street-O series. It was great to see some familiar faces again and some new ones too! I hope you enjoyed the varied neighbourhood and got to see some of the famous local attractions. My aim was to set another fiendish course, and it seemed I managed to catch a few of you out. Thank you Steve for helping on the start.

Topping the race result was Andrew Fargus. We’re using MapRun for this series and I think a lot of people enjoyed the live results and the opportunity to browse other people’s routes. (To do this, click Track and enter the event PIN 2053). It seems there was a huge variety of routes taken. I’m not sure which way I would have gone!

If you fancy some night orienteering, the Night-O series kicks off in a couple of weeks. The first race will be held in Richmond Park on 26 October. Details here.

And if you enjoyed this, the next Street-O in this series is on 9th November and is being organised by LOK. The event details can be found here. Do join us then!

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Tidied results here