Twickenham Street-O results

Here are the Results from the Street-O held in Twickenham on Tuesday 8 April 2014, along with the updated overall series results.

Planner’s comments

Thanks to the 60-odd people who made the trip out to the suburb of Twickenham for it’s second Street-O.

For clarity, I omitted the railways from the map (as did Dan in 2010), and, wanting to include Twickenham stadium, encouraged participants to only cross the A316 at the 4 permitted crossings by locating controls at each. The 1:12500 scale and the indirect routes between some of the more-distant controls caught out some people adopting a simple big-loop strategy, as was intended.

There were a couple of (inevitable?) problems. The issued maps did not include my additions so apologies, particularly to those who thought they would never escape from Twickenham stadium car-park! Also, despite all controls having been checked in the preceding week, the multi-storey car-park caused more stair-climbing (& curses) than even I intended.

Many thanks to Don, Paul C, Carole, Nick and Fran for their invaluable help.

Dave Wright