Clerkenwell Street-O results

Here are the Results and Routegadget from the Street-O held in Clerkenwell on Tuesday 12 November 2013, along with the updated overall series results.

Planner’s comments

Thanks everyone for coming to the event in Clerkenwell on the 12th, we hope it was enjoyable. Jo and I tried to balance the map to include both the City and Clerkenwell proper, so runners could get a mix of both. Of course we also included the Barbican… – it was interesting to hear that some people used the aerial walkways. In hindsight we may have made one or two of the clues a little difficult but in most cases if you got to the right spot it should have been obvious (admittedly the “no smoking in Lincoln’s Inn” was a little mean, you can blame Jo for that one!). See you at Kingston.

Hugh Hurley