Street-O Series 2023-24

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the new series of evening Street Orienteering Races. These are friendly, easy events open to everyone and usually based at a pub around London. You have one hour to find as many clues as you can – race, run or walk as you wish!

Event Schedule

The events typically take place on the second Tuesday of the month. The schedule for 2023-2024 is as follows:

10 October 2023ActonRalph DadswellDetailsResults
14 November 2023Dollis HillMichael TsangDetailsResults
12 December 2023Tufnell ParkJon Chandler (LOK)DetailsResults
9 January 2024ChelseaChris Waite & Tom DaltonDetailsResults
6 February 2024KingsburyDavid Rosen (LOK)DetailsResults
12 March 2024West HampsteadTodd Fallesen & Tessa BertranDetailsResults
9 April 2024WandsworthRebecca SlackDetailsResults
14 May 2024ClaphamBarbara GriessnerDetailsResults

Full details on each event are posted here on the SLOW website a couple of weeks before the event.

Results will be added when they are available.

What you’ll need

Bring some running gear, a watch and a pen (essential as you will need to fill in the cluesheet). You might also wish to bring a headtorch and hi-visibility clothing.

You can hire a timing chip if you do not have your own.

How it works

You have an hour to find the clues indicated on the map and get as many points as you can. The clues are worth different points, and so tactics are involved in deciding where to go. If you’re over an hour, you lose points – so don’t be late. The penalty is 1 penalty point for every 2 seconds late back (so you’ll lose 30 points if you are a minute late back etc.). This guide provides more information about street orienteering.

Series points are scored at each event, with 100 for the winner, 99 for 2nd place, 98 for 3rd, down to 1 point for everyone who finishes 100th place or lower. The event score is based on the net score (gross score minus time penalty) and equal net scores are ranked on time (shorter time gets higher event score). The organiser of the event scores points equal their best at any other race in the season. Men and women are included in the same combined results table for each race, and overall, but women’s positions will be highlighted in the results.

The overall results will be based on your best 5 scores in the series, and there will be prizes for the leading man and leading woman over the series. In the event of a series score tie, the most recent head-to-head result will be used.

If you have any questions or would like to organise one of the races, please contact the series coordinator Vinh-Phuong Hoang on