Southfields Street-O results

Results and Routegadget from Tuesday’s Street-O in Southfields are now available.

Overall results for the series so far (after 5 events out of 9) have been updated.

Organiser’s comments

Thank you to everyone who showed up on Tuesday and for your patience with the marking. Given the complaints (see control placement below) each competitor had their answers checked and if appropriate, amended. Several people spent a lot of time marking, remarking, and recording results. Thank you, each and every one of you. A special thanks to everyone else who also helped out before and at the event, which was my first attempt at setting a course in the UK.

My sincerest apologies, I did get no 42 wrong on the map and by some distance. If you visited 42 and came back a little late, you have not been given time penalties. There were multiple complaints about nos 45 and 44e. I’ve not had the opportunity to revisit these locations and check the placements of these controls. On a 1:15,000 scale with each millimetre representing 15 metres, it can be hard to get every location absolutely perfect, especially for no 45 where the answer was high up on the building and the answer itself covered several metres. Perhaps (particularly for no 45) the control placement was a millimetre or two out, if it was, then my apologies. Anyone who can show they went to 45 has been allocated the points. No 44 would have been within that 15 metres, so only the correct answers have been accepted for that one.

Lost property – a pair of men’s black slip on shoes, one head torch, a khaki coloured strap. These are all now in the pub’s lost property. Please contact the pub: Pig and Whistle, Merton Road.

The SLOW men’s captain, Pete Huzan has the maps/answer sheets that weren’t collected on the night.

Happy orienteering!

Jane Harries