Teddington Street-O results

Results (updated 19/2/13) and Routegadget from Tuesday’s Street-O in Teddington are now available, along with the updated overall series results.

Organiser’s comments

First of all “Thank you” to everyone who made the journey out to leafy Teddington – I hope I encouraged you to visit some of the more interesting (& leafy) parts.

The map was 1:12500 – which meant a little more legwork for you, but as the area was bounded by the river to the NE and Bushy Park to the SW, I felt that this scale was the best to allow for a reasonable course.

One of my main hopes was that at least one person visited each checkpoint – which they did – I’m happy! I am also pleased that the route options lured some people into the park, and others to ignore my instructions not to take roads that may have locked gates, (& were locked!)

However I’m less happy that I messed up on Question 5, and the garage door was indeed red – (Must get new glasses). Anyone who had this marked incorrectly should email Paul at and he will correct the results later on if/when appropriate. Also the number on the Pay & Display meter, I had incorrectly started with 55_ _ when it should have been 53 _ _, but this was the only parking meter around, so no disadvantage to anyone.

Future Street O-ers should be aware that spies were out & those using “I-phones” either for clues or directions, were noted & posted in the Teddington “Twitter” pages.

Special thanks to Dave who helped with planning & checking, as well as friends on the night, also to SLOW members who gave me help & encouragement.

I’ll take unclaimed maps to Headley Heath on Sunday.

Fran Kenden