Permanent MBO SCORE Courses

Mountain Bike Courses:

  1. Mogador (MapRun): The start is just north of the village of Mogador, at the south end of Banstead Heath and covers the area west of here across to Headley.
  2. Hurtmore (MapRun): This course covers the area from Hurtmore to Tilford taking in Crooksbury Common and Puttenham Common.
  3. Knowl Hill (MapRun): The course is centred around Knowl Hill and covers the area from Warren Row and Bowsey Hill to the north down to Waltham St Lawrence to the south.
  4. Holmbury St Mary (MapRun): The event from 2017 based at Holmbury St. Mary and covering the heart of the Surrey Hills around Winterfold, Hurtwood and Pitch Hill.
  5. Thursley (iOrienteering): Event from Feb 2020 based around Thursley Common, Hankley Common and the Devil’s Punchbowl. Course map. Notes and Control descriptions.
  6. Watlington (iOrienteering): Event from August 2019 starting at the National Trust car park at Christmas Common. Course map. Notes and Control descriptions.

You will need two files: the course map and the notes / control descriptions. Codes needed to load courses into the Apps are shown in the notes/description files.
To get the MapRun files please email .
iOrienteering files are available from the links above.

Please manage these courses as you would any other ride for individual exercise / training. Make your own assessment of risks, and consider how to mitigate including arranging any personal insurance.

COVID-19 These courses should only be ridden while adhering to government guidelines.

iOrienteering Instructions

Detailed instructions for setting up and running the App. Summary instructions are given in the course notes file.

iPhone – ensure that the iO App is given location permission and that the sound is on.

Android – ensure that battery management features in Android 10 and later are not preventing the app from running often enough.

MapRun6 Instructions

Download MapRun6 (or newer version) and sign up. Press “Select Event” and navigate to the folder UK/South London/MTBO then select your chosen course which will download to the phone. You will need a 4 digit code to open the course. You will find the code in the control description file.

Once you’re ready, select “Go to start” and start riding. When you get to the first control the App will beep and the recording will start. You can start at the Start/Finish point or at any control – which will then be considered as the Start/Finish (with no score).

To finish you must go back to where you started to end the recording. The Start/Finish will become a normal control which you visit as you go round the course and it will be assigned a points value automatically.

You are likely to need to slow down or stop at a control point and make sure that the App beeps. The GPS signal may vary slightly or be affected by tree cover so in some cases you may need to move around the location where the control is located.

Tips for running the MapRun6 App

It’s recommended that you select and download events on a reliable network such as a home wi-fi rather than relying on a mobile signal.

When you first set up the app and it requests permission to use the phones location services make sure the permission is “All of the time”. This is likely to be the setting in the majority of cases without any need to do anything. A couple of people have found it set to “When using the App” which results in the phone taking a long time to detect checkpoints and showing straight lines on the GPS track.

If the app doesn’t register CPs and the bar at the bottom of the map showing GPS remains red, you may not have given the app full location permissions. This can be fixed in Settings – Apps (Android) or Setting – Privacy – Location Services (Apple).

See Permanent Orienteering Course page for further information.