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Good Wishes to SLOW

(Photo: A British Assembly Field, by Valérie Suter.)

Our membership secretary Gail received  good wishes from Valérie Suter, and the message that she wanted to let us know she very much enjoyed being a member of SLOW.

Valérie ran with SLOW 2014-2016, and was a member of a silver-medal winning team at the JK in 2016.

Katrin, Valérie, Diane, silver medallists at JK 2016

She is now back in Switzerland, and as well as competing is a top volunteer official in the sport. Last year she controlled the final race in the main international series “World Cup”: the Sprint Relay in Grindelwald, which saw the town centre closed to vehicles for the time of the racing.

World Cup Sprint Relay Start, Grindelwald 2017

JK Relays, Easter Monday 2nd April

(Thanks to Robert Lines of Southdowns for use of the photo.)

By number of participants, the JK Relays, held on Easter Monday, is the biggest relay day of the year. Many SLOW teams will take part. We set a tent for the whole morning, cheer on our runners, show off our club kit, and enjoy the crowds more than is usual for orienteering. Courses are not long, but can be tricky.

It is the final day of the 4-day JK Easter Festival (Sprint/Middle/Long/Relays) this year near Stafford in the West Midlands. The relays are on Cannock Chase at Beaudesert.

Full details on the JK Pages at

Please contact the captain if you can make the date!

(Closing date for relay entries is 4th March.)

Wimbledon Common Night-O February 27th

The fourth race of South London Orienteers’ five event 2017-18 Night-O Series takes place on Putney Heath and Wimbledon Common, south-west London, on Tuesday 28 November 2018. The race centre will be The Telegraph Pub on Putney Heath.

This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!
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The Night-O series is a public race – all are welcome. Please RSVP to the event via Facebook (link above) to let us know you are coming – you can also see who else is coming and post questions.

Letting us know you are coming helps us to have the correct number of the unique maps for this event printed.

Race centre

The race will be based at The Telegraph on Telegraph Road, London SW15 3TU. The pub serves great food and drink, and there will be the usual opportunity to revisit route choices with other runners.

LocationWimbledon Common
AddressThe Telegraph, SW15 3TU
Latitude/longitude51.4486, -0.2255
OS grid referenceTQ234737
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Getting there

The Telegraph is in the middle of Putney Heath and there is plenty of parking available on nearby roads. Several bus routes go to “Putney Heath Green Man” which is about 500m from The Telegraph.

Race Details

The entry fee is £3 for SLOW members, students and juniors; £5 for others. The race will use SIAC contactless punching with SIAC cards available for free for those who do not have their own. A small number of headlamps are also available to borrow free of charge but you need to e-mail the organiser in advance to reserve one.

RegistrationBetween 1815 and 1930
Start TimesBetween 1830 and 1930

Wimbledon Common was fully re-mapped this year. The following courses will be available:

  • Long: approximately 5km, quite challenging
  • Short: approximately 2.5km, quite challenging

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event.

Organiser: Dmitry Adamskiy


OK Nuts 2018 Results

Trophy Winners

OK Nuts Trophy: Ben Windsor
Heather Monro Trophy: Sue Carter
Margaret Loveless Trophy: Angus Harrington

(Although these races took place in January 2018, this was the 2017 OK Nuts rescheduled. The same happened in 1997/8, and in line with that precedent the list of previous winners will show this running as 2018 (1).)


Explanation for 2x Routegadgets and Apology

There should have been just one Routegadget for all the courses, but I erred in the setup with the result that the blood races did not work correctly. Some runners had uploaded before I realised the problem.

So I have re-named this first setup “for colour-coded courses” and runners on those individual start courses please use that setup.

And I have created a second one “for blood races”, and runners on those mass-start courses please use that setup.

I apologise to those on the blood races who tried to use the incorrect setup.

Now it is setup right, I think watching a rerun of the blood races is a lovely way to occupy a few minutes. Do try it, and remember what the weather was like!

Organiser’s Comments (Steve Clelland)

Richmond Park features regularly in SLOW’s winter night series, however the chance to run full length courses in the daylight is a much rarer opportunity. I hope you enjoyed your runs despite the extremely testing conditions.

Andy Robinson originally had the vision of holding the blood races in Richmond Park and he provided a wealth of knowledge and experience in the weeks and months leading up to the event. In particular, his plan for the extremely compact layout of registration, start, map exchange and finish, helped to simplify organisation.

As well as Paul  and Duncan, controller and planner respectively, I can’t thank my fellow members of SLOW enough for their help on the day, especially the registration team who coped admirably in the early rush. It was my fault that this was not arranged better, particularly on the bib collection for blood races, which lead to the delay on the start. Congratulations to our champions, due to the weather most people headed off before we had a chance to collate the results. We will endeavour to get trophies and coasters to winners as soon as possible.

Lost property:
2 control description holders
1 “GreenPark” water bottle
Long sleeved black and white top – “New Forest Triathlon”

Planner’s Comments (Duncan Grassie)

Thanks to everyone who came to Richmond Park despite the wintry conditions. As a relatively novice planner it was encouraging to see so many people speaking positively of the looped format of the blood races since it was fun but challenging to plan. Controller Paul was able to come up with an algorithm for allocating correct maps to each competitor and creating the variation and with Andy and Steve managed to come up with the assembly field layout so I am indebted to them for making the courses work.

As well as thanking all the volunteers who helped put out and take in controls, I would like to single out Andy Robinson who has been a stalwart of SLOW and who we relied on heavily for the planning and delivery of this event.

Also a considerable amount of publicity for the event was created through a promotional video. It was made by Katherine Bett of Southern Navigators and features SLOW member Ralph Street and GB team colleague Alasdair McLeod. This hopefully provides a benchmark for future events! From my point of view it was great to see the wide range of competitors on the blood courses – from university students giving it a try for the first time to English and British Internationalists Ben Windsor and Tessa Strain respectively topping the male and female results.

General Commentary (Paul Street)

Today’s races in Richmond Park saw testing distances, and testing conditions for competitors and officials alike. The forecast was for it to start raining at 9am, and carry on throughout the event. And it did just that, with the rain turning to  sleet at times.  We’ve got quite a lot of kit drying at the moment – you too? We hope you all had a good time, especially our many newcomers – thanks for coming, and you do know every event is different don’t you – it’s not always like this.

Illness kept some away, and the weather no doubt induced some to think “you know what, I think I’ll give it a miss today.” Still, you that came experienced pretty good running conditions, if pretty unpleasant conditions for doing most everything else. And of course you ran in Richmond Park, always lovely, and many of you enjoyed a bit of special “buzz” from the mass-start format.

Congratulations to all finishers, and commiserations to others.

On behalf of South London Orienteers’ I extend particular thanks to the three main event officials.

We were very lucky to have Paul Todd of London OK as an extremely hard-working and skilled controller. He was a full member of the team that designed and prepared the event. Then on the day he arrived with the first helpers, he checked things, he put out controls, he checked all the controls, he collected controls, he did plenty of things in between, and then he was there until the end helping to check the SI boxes and hire dibbers were ready for a future event.

The planner was Duncan Grassie, of South London Orienteers and Auld Reekie Orienteering Society.  Most of his work was beforehand: the course design, selecting, checking and tagging control sites, and preparing the maps. The park is not the most complex terrain but I understand all courses included a good range of challenges, and the clever “gaffling” system that Duncan and Paul chose seemed to work very well from the comments of finshers. And as our Chairman said, some might have baulked at spending the day before  they fly to Dubai for work, out all day in the Park, managing the controls and courses,  but someone not only did all that, mostly in pouring rain, but then was offering to do plenty of other things that evening to sort things out for the next races – the first of which is Tuesday evening incidentally.

The guy that bore the heaviest load, holding it all together, was the organiser Steve Clelland. He made it happen, with help from our longtime fixtures secretary Andy Robinson. So he looked after (using words from the BOF manual):

  • Everything prior to, during, and after the actual races; not just between the start and finish.
  • The safety & welfare of participants and members of the public in the event area including the completion of a risk assessment, risk management and contingency plans.
  • Land permission, event registration, access, car parking, assembly area, volunteer helpers, publicity timescales.
  • The equipment used including electronic punching, clocks etc.

It was Steve who, towards the end of the day, as he contemplated loading his car with a whole load of wet equipment (and his flat is on the 3rd floor) suggested the conditions might well justify the above phrase “you know what, I think I’ll give it a miss today.” Thanks for only thinking that Steve.

Steve briefs the “Very Nearly An Armful” runners, Andy is nearby on the right of the picture, and Paul watches on the left.

Box Hill Fell Race Results

[update: Sunday 5:30pm] Revised results are now available.

[update:Monday 10am] And further minor revisions have been made.

Three runners accidentally ran a slightly shorter route; they are shown by an asterisk (*). They are in the full results but are excluded from team results, which changed from the provisional results as a consequence.

Even better results:  Box Hill Fell Race 2018 Results

Richmond Park, 21st January, Final Details



We have a reasonable number of spare maps, available for entry-on-the-day.
Please turn up early to ensure a free choice, and especially if you want to take on one of the mass start “Blood” races (or you will miss the mass start.)

Full Blood – 9
Half Blood – 5
Very Nearly An Armful – 17
Green – 26
Short Green – 10
Orange – 17
Yellow – 8
White – 8

Blood Races –
Full Blood, Half Blood, Very Nearly An Armful
Senior BOF £12 / non-BOF £14
Junior – BOF £5 / non-BOF £6 (M/W16 eligible for Very Nearly an Armful only. Blood race entry not available to M/W14 and below)
Colour Coded –
Senior on Green/Short Green – BOF £10 / non-BOF £12
Senior on White/Yellow/Orange – BOF £6 / non-BOF £8
Juniors – BOF £5 / non-BOF £6


Bib Numbers for the Mass Start Races (pdf): OKNuts_Bib_Numbers

Please collect your number from registration on arrival – the number on each of your maps matches this.  Please wear on your front so we can help you get the right map at each exchange.


We are not allocating times, so please turn up and go when you choose (this is in the final details.) The busiest course is the green which has 59 pre-entries.


South London Orienteers very much look forward to welcoming you to Richmond Park on Sunday. We thank the Royal Parks for granting us access to the park for the “OK Nuts Trophy Races.” Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve, London’s largest Site of Special Scientific Interest, a European Special Area of Conservation and the largest of London’s Royal Parks.

We are pleased to have had 213 pre-entries, including some newcomers, with 122 of those choosing one or other of the mass start races. In line with the usual practice in the sport we now provide “final details”, which aims to tell you everything you need to know to fully enjoy the day. But of course if after reading you do have any questions please get in touch, for example we are here on Facebook.

Download: OK Nuts Final Details (15th January)

Runners on the Full Blood course will be pleased to see that the distance is more than a half marathon.

All – please be courteous to other park users, and to the park. The summary message  is “tread lightly – leave nothing behind, take nothing away.”  In particular, for runners on the Full and Half Blood using gel packs – please do not drop the packaging, but rather carry it to the next map exchange / the finish. Thanks.

External link to recent David Attenborough presented films about the park.

This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!
This event is on AttackpointThis event is on Attackpoint. Say you are coming here!
LocationRichmond Park
Latitude/longitude51.4316, -0.2687
OS grid referenceTQ204717
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap
Start Time1000

Start Times
Full blood – 10.10
Half blood – 10.20
Very nearly an armful – 10:30
Colour coded – 10.00-12.00

Organiser: Steve Clelland (SLOW)
Planner: Duncan Grassie (AROS/SLOW)
Controller: Paul Todd (London OK)

And finally our promo film to help you look forward to running freely in wonderful terrain.


Holmwood Common 18th February

South London Orienteers welcome you to orienteering races on February 18th, on Holmwood Common and Scamells Grove, three miles south of Dorking.

Final Details (uploaded 10th February)

This is a British Orienteering Regional (Level C) Event. There is a choice of eight individual colour-coded courses: Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

We have a new map, at 1:7500, to the ISOM2017 standard. The woods are mostly natural, and on gentle slopes. There is a good path network, lots of vegetation changes, and many streams, ditches and gullies. Longer courses visit an area of runnable forest new to orienteering. Courses are planned to avoid the worst of the brambles and undergrowth.

NO DOGS please – the assembly and car park is on a working cattle farm.

This event is on AttackpointThis event is on Attackpoint. Say you are coming here!


Pre-entry via SI Entries please. Closing date is Sunday 11 February.

BOF Members Non-Members
Senior £8 £10
Senior on White/Yellow/Orange £5 £5
Juniors £3 £3

Entry-on-the-day (subject to map availability): as above plus £2 for seniors.

Runners will need a SPORTident timing chip. A small extra fee is charged to seniors to hire a standard chip from SLOW: £1 for seniors (free for juniors). Contactless SIAC punching will be enabled, and contactless SIAC chips may also be hired – £2.50 for seniors / free for juniors. Lost timing chips will be charged at £40 standard, £60 contactless.

Parking £1.

Getting there

LocationHolmwood Common and Scamells Grove
AddressHolmwood, Surrey
Latitude/longitude51.2, -0.3
OS grid referenceTQ189459
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

The nearest stations operating on the Sunday are Dorking and Dorking Deepdene, approximately 4 miles north of the event.

Race Details

RegistrationBetween 0930 and 1130
Start TimesBetween 1000 and 1400

Start and finish are within 1km of the parking. Parking is on hardstanding, but Wellington boots are suggested.

Please check the SLOW website prior to travelling in case of any last minute changes.

Personal Data

The personal data you give will be used by the event organisers and their agents only for the purpose of processing and publishing the event entries and results, for conducting safety checks and to validate British Orienteering insurance cover.


Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events registered with British Orienteering and not joined an orienteering club which is a member of British Orienteering, you are not covered by our public liability insurance. If you are not a British Orienteering member, for insurance purposes you will need to leave your contact details with the entry team.


Orienteering is an adventure sport. A comprehensive risk assessment for the event has been prepared and identified risks have been mitigated, however please be aware that participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Please be careful of crossing streams/ditches, steep slopes, etc. Parents are responsible for their children.  Advice is available on request about what courses may be suitable.


Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event.


Organiser: Teresa Turner (SLOW)
Planner: Charlie Turner (SLOW)
Controller: David Dawson (DFOK)

British Orienteering registered event 72079