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Street-O Winter 2010/11 Series

SLOW is once again organising a monthly street orienteering (“Street-O”) race between September 2010 and April 2011, which will be held on the second Tuesday of each month. Each evening will consist of a night street orienteering race, as well as a social event afterwards where you can meet up with club members. Further details on Street-O are available here.

Overall scores for the series

Event schedule

All events are on Tuesday evenings.

14 September 2010KensingtonBryn MonneryDetailsResults
12 October 2010WandsworthEd CatmurDetailsResults
9 November 2010SurbitonPaul NixonDetailsResults
14 December 2010PimlicoTim & CJDetailsResults
11 January 2011DulwichMike GarvinDetailsResults
8 February 2011ClerkenwellHelen GardnerDetailsResults
29 March 2011Poplar & LimehouseMartin EvansDetailsResults
12 April 2011Highbury & IslingtonBroonerDetailsResults

Further details on each event will be posted on the SLOW website a week or two in advance. If you would like to contact any of the organisers, email the series coordinator Paul Nixon at , to be put in touch.

Series results

Points are scored at each event, with 50 for the winner, 45 for 2nd place, and then 41 for 3rd, 38 for 4th, 36 for 5th, 35 for 6th, 34 for 7th etc down to 1 point for everyone who finishes 40th place or lower. The organiser of the event scores points equal their best at any other race in the season.

The overall results will be based on your best 4 scores in the series, and there will be prizes for the leading man and leading woman over the series. In the event of a tie, head-to-head results will be used.

Overall scores for the series so far

Previous Series

See here.

General details about the Street-O races

See here.

Special Note on Travel for the Isle of Dogs Street-O

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel will probably be closing at 9pm for repairs on the evening of the race. The alternative route back to Greenwich from the event is via the DLR, however this does not accept bikes. Cyclists needing to return to Greenwich after the event are advised to run early and leave before 9pm to avoid a potentially lengthly detour. As an alternative, Thames Clippers, which allow cycles on board, will be running a specially subsidised evening service between Masthouse Terrace Pier and Greenwich Pier.

Before 9pm, it is possible that, if the lifts are operating, the stairs may be closed (or vice versa).

Greenwich Foot Tunnel portal

Pictures by Nick Garrod and Akanekal, licensed under Creative Commons.

Decision on Kingston Street-O to be taken on Sunday Night

Roads and pavements in Kingston are currently very icy. It may be necessary to postpone the Street-O event, due to take place on the evening of Tuesday 12th, if the unsafe conditions persist. A decision on whether to postpone the event will be made late on Sunday evening.

The decision will be posted to the SLOW website and also by email to people on the SLOWmail mailing list late on Sunday evening.