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British MTBO Championships

Christine Robinson on her way to winning the Women’s Supervets category

Christine Robinson

SLOW had a couple of successes at today’s British Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) long distance Championships which were held on Army land around the Aldershot area in Hampshire.

Heather Monro showed she can compete just as well on a bike as on foot, by winning the women’s Elite course – completing the mammoth 31.7 km course in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes 36 seconds, to win by just 1 minute. This victory means that she also wins the Peel Adventure MTBO series for 2006.

Christine Robinson was also victorious at Sunday’s event, winning the women’s supervets (50+) category. She completed her 13 km course in an excellent time of 87:04.

Another SLOW member, Andy Jones, had an excellent weekend – he finished 3rd in Saturday’s middle-distance Championships in the men’s vets (40+) category, completing 12.9km in 73:38. He then followed this up with a 4th place in Sunday’s long race, finishing the epic 38.2 km course in an impressive time of 3:36:23.

Full results of the weekend’s races can be found at the following links – Saturday (middle distance) Sunday (long distance)

Triple O Severn success

Congratulation’s to SLOW’s Women’s Open team, who won the Harris Relay at the Triple O Severn event on Bank Holiday Monday. The event was held at Gaer Hill, on the Wiltshire/Somerset border. This was a UK Relay League event, which means our women are now doing very well overall, with this win following two 4th place finishes at the British Championships and the JK. The winning team was Nicky King, Sarah Covey-Crump, Diane Leaky (all pictured right) and Kathy Haynes.

SLOW’s leading Men’s Open team – Simon Evans, Paul Nixon, Peter Haynes and Charlie Turner – also finished on the podium, with an excellent 3rd place.

Many congratulations also go to Abi Weeds, who won the women’s British Elite Middle Distance Championships on Saturday at Fonthill in Wiltshire, collecting a nice big trophy for her efforts!

SLOW enjoyed a very sociable weekend at the event, with over 20 club members staying together group accommodation in a nearby caving club hut in the Mendips – thanks to Simon Evans our social secretary for organising this.

Full results of the event can be found on the Triple O Severn website.

A selection of photos from the event are now up on the Sloweb photo gallery.

SLOW at the JK

Simon Evans

A large contingent of SLOW members made the trip up the M1 over the Easter weekend to take part in the JK festival, Britain’s premier annual orienteering event. This year the event was held in moorland and forest in West and North Yorkshire. Weather was generally very good (apart from a downpour at the start of the relays) and the consensus was that this was an excellent overall weekend, with some really good orienteering races.

The Friday event, held at Temple Newsam estate in Leeds, included a sprint race as well as general training courses. The start and finish was set in an old auditorium which was built into the side of bank, and complemented by commentary and spectator controls resulted in a very enjoyable race to watch and a good advert for the sport generally. The women’s elite sprint race was won by SLOW’s Heather Monro, completing her 2.4km course in a time of 11:39 to win by 18 seconds.

Individual days

Charles McMillan

The first individual day was held on the Saturday at Ilkley Moor. The assembly area was situated at the foot of the moor, from which excellent views of the orienteering area could be seen, with several controls in sight. This included 2 consecutive spectator controls on the Elite short races – making for entertaining viewing as the spectators could clearly see both controls, whereas the competitors could not see them until they got very close. Most long courses included an interesting long leg with a classic “straight or round” route choice, which is still being debated now!

Day 2 moved a long way north-east to an area called Keldy (formerly known as Cropton & Cawthorne) in the middle of the North York Moors. This offered a completely different challenge from the previous day, being a very physical forest in places, with the best of the area (i.e. the bit of the forest that was actually quite runnable!) saved for the second half of most courses.

Two SLOW members won their overall age group class – Heather Monro and Mike Murray both following up their British Championship wins 2 weeks earlier by taking the JK titles in W21E and M60L respectively. Ralph Street also repeated his excellent BOC performance, again coming 2nd on the M16 class, unlucky to finish just 16 seconds behind a visiting Norwegian runner.

Congratulations also go to SLOW’s excellent group of W50’s, who took 3 of the top 10 positions overall on that class – well done to Monika Bonafini (4th), Diane Leakey (6th) and Sarah Brown (8th).

The following SLOW members also won prizes in their respective classes:

  • Ali McKerrow (1st W20S)
  • Rachael Holmes (2nd W21L)
  • Christine Robinson (2nd W50S)
  • Anne May (1st W55S)

Chris Wroe also managed to sneakily claim a bronze medal in M20L after finishing 4th – speak to Chris if you would like inside information on how to achieve this!

Finally, a special mention must also go to David May, who was the IOF Advisor for Day 1 (advising on the elite World Ranking Event courses). Probably not easy to do at a distance of 200 miles, but it did mean that instead of competing on Day 1 he could go out onto the moor with his camera – as well as the pictures above, a selection of his photos of SLOWies can be seen in the Sloweb Photo Gallery.

The M21 Elite maps for all 3 individual days, complete with winning routes and interesting analysis, can be found on the M21E winner Graham Gristwood’s website.


Ed Catmur

The JK Relays were held on Easter Monday in Bramham “spot the technical bit” Park, a small, brambly area with lots of paths which did however have a superb large assembly area. A grand total of 18 SLOW teams took part – with lots of success.

In the Women’s and Men’s Premier Relays, SLOW teams were the leading southern teams for the second year running. Our top Women’s team of Rachael Holmes, Anja Stratford and Heather Monro finished a fantastic fourth, only a minute off third place. Our 2nd Women’s team, Caroline Catmur, Nicky King and Anna Bonafini, were in fact 2nd southern team in 17th place, Anna (aged 16) making her women’s open debut. The Men’s team of Ed Catmur (pictured right), Simon Evans, Alan Leakey and Paul Nixon finished in 18th place – all teams earning some useful UK Relay League points.

The Junior Men’s team of James McMillan, James Haynes and Ralph Street were the leading UK club, but were just beaten into 2nd place by a strong team from Kongsberg, Norway.

Men’s Superveterans

The stars of the day were the Men’s Superveterans (pictured left) who retained their trophy, having won it for the last two years: Peter “are you really that old, Daddy?” Haynes brought them in a minute up on 1st leg and David May and Mike Murray simply extended the lead to win by a massive eight minutes.

The Women’s Veterans team also made the podium, Monika Bonafini, Jackie Chapman and Diane Leakey taking the bronze medals, with SLOW’s 2nd team of Sarah Brown, Chris Robinson and Kathy Haynes in 5th place.

Every SLOW competitor got cheered up the very long run-in, none more so than Richard Catmur who was lifted by the vociferous SLOW contingent to overtake rivals Mole Valley; what Richard knew, but the rest of the club overlooked, was that they were competing in different classes! Paul Nixon also benefited from the SLOW tent screaming at him that there was another runner behind him, this time who was on the same class – disbelievingly turning round half-way round the run-in to realise this was true, he just managed to hold off the Czech runner who was closing in to finish 1 second ahead.

A big thank you to Captains Rachael and Pete for organising the teams, especially as there were so many last minute changes and as the JK immediately followed the British Relays and the CompassSport Cup. You can have a well deserved weekend off.

Full JK results are available on the JK2006 website.

JK Photos – David May’s photos are in the Sloweb photo gallery (see the frontpage). Additionally, hundreds of JK photos are now online on the CompassSport website – to see pictures of SLOWies type “SLOW” into the top right photo search box! A further selection of pictures can be found on the Digisport website.

SLOW runner

SLOW qualify for Compass Sport Cup final

We did it again! For the 2nd year running, SLOW have qualified for the national Compass Sport Cup final. We finished in 2nd place in the qualifier today with 2309 points, just 54 points behind the winners Southdowns and a comfortable 286 points ahead of 3rd placed Wimbourne. In the south-east heat, both of the top two clubs qualify for the final.

We fielded a strong team, and there were many excellent runs across all courses. Well done to everyone who took part and helped us to reach the final. The final is being held on Sunday 15th October, at Greenham Common, near Newbury in Berkshire. Put the date in your diary now!

Full results of today’s qualifier are available on the SN website.

Results from the other heats indicate that the full Final line-up is as follows:

SLOW success at British Championships

Over 50 SLOW members competed in the British Orienteering Championships last weekend, which this year was held very close to home at Furnace Wood, Woolbeding Common & Great Common, near Midhurst in West Sussex. The forest provided a tough challenge, with long hilly individual courses with some small areas of complex detail. The relays moved to the Great Common part of the map, with excellent short courses containing lots of controls in the intricate areas, making for good head-to-head racing.

Individual day (1st April)

Heather Monro, British Champion

SLOW have two new individual British Champions – congratulations to Heather Monro (pictured right), who despite having retired from international orienteering and having (allegedly!) severely reduced her training program, managed to win the W21 Elite course by 3 minutes. You can see her winning route on the BOC website. Also, congratulations to Mike Murray on winning the M60 class, his 101st British/JK title in an illustrious orienteering career.

SLOW’s other main star performers of the day, all finishing in the top 3 overall in their age group, were Ralph Street (2nd on M16), Diane Leakey (2nd on W50) and David May (2nd on M60).

Additionally, excellent top 3 performances in their respective classes were achieved by the following SLOWies:

  • Robert Jones – 1st, M14B
  • Greg Street – 3rd, M14B
  • Cordula Suter – 2nd, W20L
  • Matthias Mahr – 2nd, M21L
  • Anita Ray – 1st, W21V
  • Anne May – 1st, W55S

Many other SLOW members also had excellent runs – congratulations to everyone.

SLOW also played a big part in helping out on the day, being responsible for running the Finish, Download and Results. Several SLOW members also helped out on the Start. Big thanks are due to Don McKerrow for organising our helpers team, and to everyone who played their part in helping the event run smoothly.

Relays (2nd April)

Sixteen SLOW teams enjoyed the relay courses organised by Guildford Orienteers at Great Common. Some teams were trying for top places, but all teams were out to have fun as well.

We had three teams in Men’s Premier – when was the last time that happened! (OK it was last year – but when was the last time before that!). The first team (Phil Marsland, Matthias Mahr & Ed Catmur) came 17th. There were also good performances from Paul Nixon & Simon Evans in the second team, who were joined by Andy Jones – now when did he last run Men’s Premier?

Rachael Holmes in the Women’s Premier

In the Women’s Premier, the first team (Rachael Holmes (pictured left), Anja Stratford & Heather Monro) came 4th behind 3 very strong teams. Those teams each had two members of the British Squad, & we didn’t have any! Ten clubs had teams in both the Men’s & Women’s Premier classes – and we managed it twice.

The M18 team (James McMillan, Michael May, Ralph Street) came 5th. This was a very competitive class at the top end; our team ended up 9 minutes down. The M14 team (Robert Jones, Matthew Haynes, James Haynes) were mid-table in 7th, 7 minutes down on the silver position.

The M40 team (Peter Haynes, Stephan Rudolf, John Dowty) were a very good 4th place, especially considering they are all M45, just missing out on bronze by 11 seconds. And just 7 seconds slower than the winning Women’s Premier team, who shared the same course! Our two M50 teams came 5th & 6th. There were particularly good runs from Mike Murray (M60), Charlie Turner & David May (M60).

The W40 team came 8th, with a good first leg from Jackie Chapman.

And finally our best performance of the day came from the W50 team (pictured below – L-R Diane Leakey, Christine Robinson & Sarah Brown). Diane overtook Happy Herts on the last leg to win by 26 seconds! Now if the whole team could get some solid training in, how much better would they do!

Team selection was quite interesting for the Men’s Open & M50 teams this year – which goes to show how much depth we have in those two areas at the moment. It was great to see several people running in their first relay for SLOW. We do encourage everyone to take part in team events and they really are very enjoyable.

Finally thank you to those who brought along the tent & new banner (especially David, Phil, Andrea & Raffaella) – that’s very important for the big events.

W50 team, British relay champions

Full results

Complete results for the event, along with sample maps and winners’ routes are available on the BOC website.


The SLOW photo gallery contains several more photos taken at the weekend – see the link on the frontpage. If you have any other photos which can be added, please email them to .

SLOW success at Interland

Congratulations to SLOW members Ralph Street and Mike Murray for very impressive winning runs in helping England to victory in the annual “Interland” event on Sunday 26 February. This event is a 4-way international competition between England, Germany, Holland and Belgium, and this year was held in Warendorf, near Munster, in Germany.

Ralph won the M17 course, completing the 8.0km course in a very impressive time of 45:00. Mike was also victorious for England, winning the 5.3km M60 course in an equally-impressive 35:21. England were convincing winners of the overall trophy.

Full event results can be found here.

Ralph Street – British Schools Winner

Congratulations to Ralph Street on winning the British Schools Year 10 championships at Temple Newsam, Leeds on 20 November. Representing Tiffin School in Kingston, Ralph won by a cool six seconds.

Brother Greg was 20th in the Year 8 competition in which six other Tiffin School/SLOW members performed very well in a high quality field: Grant Hamilton 40th, Max Camara & Aaron Moran 44th, Nisha Vdayakumar 62nd, Robbie Ashley-Bach 77th and Bhavesh Patel 78th.

Full results and pictures at

North Downs Relay

North Downs Relay 2005

North Downs Relay 2005
Leg 1 75mins
Terry Norton Sax 00:55:57 05:55:57 05:00:00
Hugh Bigwood Loose 00:57:43 05:57:43
Steve Reynolds CH 00:58:17 05:58:17
Dick Clark SLOW 01:04:37 06:04:37
Neil Harwood GO 01:08:07 06:08:07
No Runner CROC 01:25:00 06:25:00
Leg 2 88 mins
Ken Jones Sax 01:09:40 07:04:40 05:55:00
Paul Whiston CROC 01:09:41 07:04:41
James Crawford GO 01:09:50 07:04:50
Nick Haire Loose 01:16:28 07:11:28
Joe Hicks CH 01:16:28 07:11:28
Andy Jones SLOW 01:28:00 07:23:00
Leg 3 70 mins
Andy Hodgson SLOW 00:55:02 07:50:02 06:55:00
Mario DiMarco SAX 00:56:38 07:51:38
Simon Rhodes Loose 00:56:58 07:51:58
Jeremy Wilde GO 00:57:29 07:52:29
Steve Brockbank CROC 01:02:03 07:57:03
Marco Keir CH 01:08:18 08:03:18
Leg 4 66 mins
Will Southon GO 00:51:57 08:36:57 07:45:00
Rachael Holmes SLOW 00:52:41 08:37:41
Roy Gooderson CH 00:55:36 08:40:36
Sarah Howes Loose 01:01:36 08:46:36
Nick Hope Sax 01:06:00 08:51:00
Andy Elliott CROC 01:06:00 08:51:00
Leg 5 77 mins
Oliver Southon GO 00:59:22 09:29:22 08:30:00
Mike Garvin SLOW 01:00:28 09:30:28
Neasa McEarlean CH 01:04:45 09:34:45
Simon Girard Loose 01:05:33 09:35:33
David McQuillan SAX 01:12:50 09:42:50
No Runner CROC 01:27:00 09:57:00
Leg 6 115 mins 09:25:00
Mark Wilkins SAX 01:25:47 10:50:47
Mike Farmery SLOW 01:35:50 11:00:50
Nick Green CROC 01:42:23 11:07:23
John Hartley CH 01:55:00 11:20:00
Peter Clement GO 01:55:00 11:20:00
No Runner Loose 02:05:00 11:30:00
Leg 7 48 mins
Caroline Catmur SLOW 00:34:37 11:24:37 10:50:00
Alastair Telford CH 00:36:07 11:26:07
Troy Humphreys Loose 00:39:33 11:29:33
Linda Pakuls GO 00:39:39 11:29:39
Anita Kingdon Sax 00:43:12 11:33:12
Kamila Whiston CROC 00:45:48 11:35:48
Leg 8 87 mins
Keith Snook GO 00:59:38 12:24:38 11:25:00
Trevor Edgley Sax 01:03:08 12:28:08
Mark Vyvyan-Robinson SLOW 01:10:45 12:35:45
Nigel Bush CROC 01:10:55 12:35:55
Martyn Earl Loose 01:12:32 12:37:32
Jools Christmas CH 01:27:00 12:52:00
Leg 9 98 mins
Carl Bradshaw GO 01:12:47 13:37:47 12:25:00
Nigel Jarvis CROC 01:19:10 13:44:10
Jeff Armitage SLOW 01:20:01 13:45:01
Simon Maytum Sax 01:25:37 13:50:37
Aaron Pritchard Loose 01:31:26 13:56:26
Graham Tucker CH 01:31:28 13:56:28
Leg 10 67 mins
Fran Wood CH 00:52:13 14:22:13 13:30:00
Jenny Poulter Loose 00:52:54 14:22:54
Ginny Catmur SLOW B 00:57:00 14:27:00
Steve Waite CROC 00:58:28 14:28:28
Paul Nixon SLOW   00:58:50 14:28:50
Christine Kiddier GO 01:00:08 14:30:08
Gina Ross Sax 01:02:58 14:32:58
Leg 11 75 mins
Gordon Parker SLOW 01:01:10 15:21:10 14:20:00
Sue`Ashley CROC 01:01:21 15:21:21
Paul Weaver GO 01:04:34 15:24:34
Bob Davidson CH 01:04:36 15:24:36
Andreas Oehlert Sax 01:09:23 15:29:23
Nigel Poulter Loose 01:12:19 15:32:19
Leg 12 69 mins
Paul Brooks SLOW 00:46:29 15:56:29 15:10:00
Steve Clark CH 00:48:28 15:58:28
Paul Oates CROC 00:48:42 15:58:42
Mark Glaisher Sax 00:53:26 16:03:26
Sean Ryan GO 00:58:44 16:08:44
Maria Bava SLOW B 01:05:00 16:15:00
No runner Loose 01:19:00 16:29:00
Leg 13 71 mins
Ed Catmur SLOW 00:47:22 16:47:22 16:00:00
Dave Moore SAX 00:56:32 16:56:32
Ian Bloxsome CROC 00:58:02 16:58:02
John Wright GO 01:10:14 17:10:14
Elaine Lyttle +1 CH 01:11:00 17:11:00
Chris Simpson TAC 01:11:00 17:11:00
Sarah Covey-Crump SLOW B 01:25:10 17:25:10
Leg 14 96 mins
Charlie Whetham SLOW 01:06:40 17:56:40 16:50:00
Clive Beauvais CROC 01:12:11 18:02:11
John Wilkins Sax 01:14:21 18:04:21
Mark Cooper CH 01:17:44 18:07:44
Dudley Baker TAC 01:34:46 18:24:46
No runner GO 01:46:00 18:36:00
Leg 15 72 mins
Pete Nicholls GO 00:51:50 18:46:50 17:55:00
Paul Fox Sax 00:57:42 18:52:42
Paul Conner CROC 00:58:08 18:53:08
Dave Lightburn CH 00:59:05 18:54:05
Jon O’Donnell SLOW 01:04:08 18:59:08
Dave Kingdon Loose 01:09:18 19:04:18
Leg 16 66 mins
Karen Jones SLOW 00:53:30 19:38:30 18:45:00
Dave Root CH 00:57:50 19:42:50
Simon Greenwood Sax 00:57:59 19:42:59
Jane Luxton CROC 01:01:17 19:46:17
Jenny Nicholls GO 01:01:17 19:46:17
Sarah Kingdon Loose 01:01:18 19:46:18
Total Time 18:06:19 16:40:10 17:11:10 17:46:44 19:07:24 18:03:55
Position 5 1 2 3 6 4
  cut off awarded
  cut off + 10 mins awarded
Name Bold
Red a new Record
Club Bold in
the lead at end of that leg
TAC Tadworth runner in Loose